Intelligence for real problem solving

After many years of collection and intelligence gathering, we saw many organisations searching for raw intelligence. The need came from the new capabilities to handle such data streams but also to receive unbiased information from different sources. Miwakeru goal is to provide a set of intelligence services to support the challenges in cyber security, intelligence and digital investigation. The first service provided by miwakeru is metalookup.


Software supply chain is still an unresolved challenge. Knowing the origin of a specific software package is hard even some software vendors don’t know the integrity of their own software. Miwakeru provides a large database of hash values for published software. metalookup provides a fast-lookup API to quickly check forensic evidences and figure out if a discovered file has been seen in one or many sources. Metalookup is complement to published software bill of materials (SBOM) to validate and cross-check pieces of software.